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       Everybody’s Done

Everybody’s done. Its down to you. Hoping on a song. Its what you do.
Draining everyone. Hold on to you. What you said is wrong. They’ll never do.

Shaping up to you. If you only knew what you could’ve been if only you could take out all the fear and leave it there the way the fear left you.
Its what they do.

Traveling for days. I’ll be back soon. Waiting for the change to come to you. Hoping they erased the best of you. Knowing they won’t find the rest of you.

Everybody’s gone. There’s only you. Waiting to belong to something new…


Merry-Go-Round, please make us young again.
Alone in the sound. Far from my perfect one.
Light up above. Not what you thought it was.
After the fall you’ll never be the same.

Hold on tight.

Wearing a mask to keep the fox at bay.
Lie in the grass. The snakes will come to play.
Holding my hand. A touch I recognize.

We Love

Never thought we’d make it out. Never thought we’d make it through.
No more dancing with our wrongs. Love, she brought us along.

We Love, We Love, We Love

Devils calling out my name to board that easy train.
Take my number, Take my place.
I’m gonna be good today


Don’t push this too far. Wait til the sun comes in view.
Take another taste of this. Doesn’t it seem better when there’s 2?
Wasting my time drinking that wine when love sings out of tune.

She opened my eyes to the weight of the world.
Tells me far too soon.
Sells all her lies to the girls back home.
She opened my eyes too soon.
Saved us some time with what went wrong.
Still she refused the light.
Saying I apologize would make things worse.
Begging makes a better scene.

They opened with lines. What a perfect crime.
Saying “I don’t care why you came.
So long to pain. So long to shame.
Goodbye to loneliness.”

Lights In The Sky

She found a way to stay beautiful. Locked in a cage so beautiful.
Don’t be afraid, I will cover you. Don’t feel ashamed, I will comfort you.

Because you are the reason I wonder why.
You’re my light in my sky.
And you are the reason I even try.
You’re my light in my sky.

She got her way. She prayed suicide. Over my head she flew out of reach.
When you’re afraid I will cover you.
When you’re ashamed I will comfort you.

So beautiful.
You take aim
So beautiful.


Keep busy with this. She won’t deceive you.
Stay sacred in bed? I don’t believe you.
In we go back and forth. Still we know where we want to be.
Here we go, catching up. Here we go. I don’t want a safe, endless pace.

So take your best shot.

So we clear our minds. With the wind you’ll find yourself gone.
Letting waves hold you back? That’s the way I wouldn’t do that.
But we play the same games. Yeah you say the same old thing that I did.
So take a breath with me. Don’t lose it again.
Let them save, let the take their best shot at you.

Let them save their best shot for you.
Let them take their best shot at you.

I just want you all to love you. Anything you want to, you’ll be.
I just don’t believe in this dream everyone keeps waiting to see.
I don’t think they’ll understand you.

The Sweetness I Never Knew Til Now

Started to fall in sequence, the sweetness I never knew til now.
Gave it my all to lose it so quickly. Left me wanting more.
This isn’t clean. Its sick and its twisted. What have we done to ourselves.
This isn’t clean. Its sick and I missed it. What have we done to ourselves.

Love is shy. Love underneath. Loves the worst. Watch it lie.
Love is shy. Love underneath. Loves my curse. Watch it die.

Leaving it all behind me, the weakness. I’m in control for now.
Feeling so small, so tired and angry, kept me from holding on.
This isn’t clean. Its sick and repeating. What have you done to me?
This isn’t clean. Its sick and I’m twisted. What have you done to me?

This isn’t clean. I’m sick and I’m twisted.

Wearing Faces

I filled the spaces in between. Planned all the faces I would wear. I gave a peace to every friend. Follow me out, back where we were before it all started to blur. When it was us. When we were free.

Pull me back in. Make me feel safe. My only reasons are so fake.
Another question answered with lies.
No one I know can tell me why pictures in my head keep me shy.
Make me wish I was dead instead.
But a life must end so one can begin.


Downstairs where I keep my beauty nice and clean.
She comes up so often when I let her breathe.
She swears I’m not compassion.
I am over-jealous. See, you say naughty things and I break down again.

Upstairs we go walking, climbing oh so high.
She stares out the window crying out why I
don’t walk like they do. No, I don’t need what they do.
Oh, I don’t walk like they do. Oh no, I don’t need what they do.

Oh, love don’t say it. Love don’t need to. I heard its true.


All songs written by Rolando Velasquez AKA The Speak Low

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