On a cold, cold winters night I would hold you oh so tight. Never knew this is what it’s like. A love like ours just fits so right but you show your teeth in fright. Afraid of love and what becomes of us…

Where’s it go? Where’s it go so long? Why’s it go so wrong?

On a cold, cold winters day I wake up and you’re not by me. No one cares what we say at night and the warmth that you take is frightening me. Scaring me…

Me And The Sea

Oh lovely sea. Look how you are. Here you sway, beauty and awe. In time I’ll go and save you and in time you’ll know I saved you.

I wanna be where the land meets sea. Taking me out. Swallow me up whole. And when I go will you follow with me? Taking me on. Swallow me up whole.

In waves they take me away. Softly where I want to be. I tried to see a different way. I tried to be a different way but inside is all I can be.


Laying beside you like only friends do. When I’m inside you there’s nothing I can’t do. Playing it easy, playing it cool. Playing the fool I’m playing to lose…

Whats Your Story?

I don’t think I’ll say a thing. I won’t mess up what this is. Can I really just pretend? Can I really hold it in, that I’m falling hard for you and it’s breaking me in two…

Let’s go forward, not go back. Let’s stop falling off track. What’s your story? Start with that. Where you’re going? Where you’ve been?

Blue Hearts

Here we go, back and forth once again but I know I want you in the end. Fuck the lies, it’s the eyes that are true and I don’t want to lose you this way.

You’re the heart on my sleeve. You’re my early morning. I’m the moth, be my flame. Be my heat or my shade. I’m awake when you’re near. I’m a slave to your cheer. I’m the loneliest boy in the world without you…

Now you know that I’m lost without you and I’m paying the cost of a fool. I’ll reach out. Don’t pull back. It’s okay. I won’t change. Stay the same. Stay with me.

Waiting With You

You make it easy. You make it hard. When I’m close you make me fall. With another line I’ll try you on. In another life we’d get along.

But it’s summertime and I’m wasting away sitting by your side in the shade. I have another life that calls to me. It tells me “Say bye-bye. Don’t be late…”

You get in easy and watch it start. I take your clothes off and put you on but that other night you fit me best. There’s no other high, no, not like this.

You have another life that’s on the way so let’s say bye-bye. Don’t be late…

But I’m Doing Good

Tell me I’m close to the end. Tell me I’m far from where I began. You can’t have both. Please choose one so I can stay or get on my way.

And it hurts so bad but I’m doing good.

Let’s see how far this will go. I think this here could go all the way. It doesn’t make sense staying as one so come with me. Let’s get on our way.

A Game Of Beds

He said there would be days like these. Clear your head. Put your heart at ease. Lesson learned not once, but twice. So you’ve earned another roll of the dice.

And it’s hard to save you from you when you choose to do what you do. All alone you blame it on you. No one cares? Well that’s just not true.

In bed, tangled in her sheets. One more time. An easy way to please. Our hearts burn. Not wrong, not right. So you’ve learned another reason to hide.

Can You See?

There starting to see me the way that you did. The monster that’s in me. I can’t keep it hid. A spark starts the fire. The heart I kept quiet screams out for you.

I know once inside no one can take me. I’m losing my mind. It feels so contagious the way we can fake there’s no beauty inside…

There trying to fool me the way they did you. They’d pull me to pieces but won’t keep me dead. The pain because guidance. Though lonely and frightened I know what comes next.

That Fuct Up LoveSong

I never do shit right. I fuck up every time. Pushing the love away. I hate the part I play.

When you go will you say it’s alright?

I’m putting up my heart. Locking it somewhere safe. Keep you’re love far away. I hate this game we play.

If I stay with you tonight.

One last time…

Us Or The Sun

I like how you see me. I like how you make me feel cool. I like how you leave me. I like how you make me feel full. When it’s all said and done I’m on the run from you. If it’s us or the sun, I’m sorry but your warmth won’t do.

You can pull me out of my comfort zone. Say you need me but I don’t feel that alone.


Remember the old times. I’m replaying the scenes where we ran from the hopeless. We were so full of dreams. I remember they held us. Well hold me tight til the end. Apologies for my awkwardness. It’s just the way that I am. I always wanted an open heart. I never wanted to sin. And if you think I’m an open book please just read it again…


All songs written by Rolando Velasquez AKA The Speak Low