I floated alone in your sea. Just floated along like debris in your sea. Oh Lady, come to me. Baby you’re all I need. Alright.

And its a cold wave when she tells me she don’t want me today. Still it’s a good day because I’m knowing someone wants me this way.

I started out wrong to believe misery was how we belong. Out of reach in that sea.


How I Came To See

I wanna hold that hand. I wanna be that man. I know you’ll understand the kind of man I am. The way I place myself down on the bottom shelf. I know the way you are. To you, that’s just too far. You pull me close to you and now I know whats true. The way you are to me is how I came to see.


The Way I Feel

It didn’t come from you. It didn’t come from them. I never knew what was. I only know what is. I tried to keep it in and now it’s all I have.

And I know my beliefs out of your reach still I wanna show you it’s real, the way that I feel inside.

I never told my friends. Never told them why apart of me is not there. A part of me is scared. Afraid of how they’ll change. Of how they’ll look at me then.

And I know my beliefs out of their reach still I wanna show you it’s real, the way that I feel inside. Saving me….


Raps From My Brain

She took it too far but love was all I’d see. Against the wall words became so clear. At my stop she’d only stay so long. If I start, to me would she belong?

On our way she would lift her dress and that’s when I saw the snakes crawl out of the shroud to drown in her sea. To drown in her waves. Drifting apart we all become that way.

But what can I say when we part? What can I hold when it all comes undone? She came and said she prayed. She said if I wait today. Said that I’d find my way with you.

What can I say when she goes bad? And all that I hear, raps from my brain. You in my heart ruined my heart.


Lonely Son

You say I’m a dying breed and I’m trying to believe you but the world seems fine to me and I’m not the one to guide you. Setting down my only son. I’m not the one. Settle down my lonely son. I’m not the one. I’m not the one to save you from the ways.

You say inside I know but I go on like I don’t. Figure out, repair and now I’m so lovely. Am I just a faded child holding on? I’m just a lonely child holding on to the weight of you. Yeah I’m just the weight of you.

Oh don’t it seem so easy. Oh no it seemed so easy. Oh no, it’s not. Seemed so easy. Oh no, it seemed so easy to do.


The Way We Should Be

Slowly it came. Tore my eyes from the page. Trying to keep myself out. When I learned the mistakes of my family traits, oh I don’t want to be part of this.

Going back on the way we should be.

Save us some face. Put love back in control. Lets stop fighting to figure it all out. Caught myself in your scheme pouring ice in my drink, Oh I know you don’t want me to behave this way.

Going slow. Going back.



The world at 17. In a boy, in a girl who knows what it means to be lost, alone at 17. In my own home at 17. I was so low at 17. Low at 17. I tried my best to use my words to explain while those at my side would only fake and pretend it’s all okay at 17. Lost in my head. You were the reason why the fog went away. The way you held me in those fond memories. I was in love at 17. With you, I was, at 17. With you, I was so high.


Dead Songs

Losing in the end. I try not to feel. What? You didn’t see? I became you. Walking alone, singing dead songs. You and me grow but we still don’t know. I’ll love anything as long as it’s real.

And it made me fall down so hard. You win. Yeah, it led me straight in. You win.

I can’t make sense. I can’t find you anywhere. You take out the last. Was I even your first?

Holding on to see you. I’m holding on. Holding on.


Love When It Ghosts

We would steal the sheets from a California King. We were just 2 ghosts then. We flew back and forth, in and out of scenes. That’s what we were for then. She would scare the kids and I would watch the misses playing with her toys.

Oh, such a lovely scene when you can’t be seen except by the one you love. Baby I can see you. Oh, such a lovely scene when I can’t be seen except by the one I love. Tell me that you see me.

Oh I can see you…. Tell me that you see me.

We would haunt for days but sometimes slip away and drink some mystic teas. Listen to the branches of our family tree sing about the good things. We still feel alive even though we’ve died.

This is love when it goes to far. This is love when it ghosts.


All songs written by Rolando Velasquez AKA The Speak Low